Top 6 Secrets of Dwayne Carter III

Dwayne Carter III, Lil Wayne’s youngest son, enjoys his father’s passion for music and sports. The name was derived from his father, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. He was born on the 22nd of October, 2008.

Her mother, Sarah Vivian, was an anchor on a radio show. His parents split up from their family and went on their own.

When he reaches the age of 12, Dwayne Carter III continues to grow in his talents as well as interests. His mom was delighted by his progress in October 2020. She acknowledged his outstanding abilities.

Dwayne Carter III Net Worth

We’re still determining what amount Dwayne is earning, as there’s no indication of when he’ll start working. However, he’s lived an extravagant life because of his parent’s wealth. His father, Lil Wayne, is very successful in his work and is believed to have a net worth of around $160 million in 2023. And Dwayne Carter III’s mother, Sarah, is a famous radio DJ with a net worth of at least $1million.

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Dwayne Carter III’s Love for Outdoor Game

Dwayne Carter III's Love for Outdoor Game
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Dwayne has attended basketball tournaments and other events with his parents since he was little. His father’s passion for basketball earned him fame by saying all Lakers stars were his favourite players.

An interview with Dwayne Carter III’s father admitted his love for basketball players such as Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Zion Williamson, and Ja Morant. Dwayne follows in the footsteps of his father, as well as playing basketball.

Through their Instagram profile, Dwayne Carter III shared that his father is pleased to see him playing basketball. Similar to his dad, Dwayne Carter III also likes Ja Morant. He proudly donned the jersey while opening gifts at Christmas time in 2022.

Dwayne Carter III and His Family

Dwayne is a brother from both his father’s and mother’s sides. On his father’s side, three half-siblings have distinct mothers. On his mother’s side, there’s a sibling named Essence.

His half-sister included Reginae Carter, whose father was married to his former wife, Toya Johnson. A third is his younger brother Kameron Carter who was born to his father’s love affair with the actress Lauren London. The younger sibling is Neal Carter, whose father was with the musician Nivea.

When their dad turned 40 years old, Dwayne and his family members from the father’s side flew across the ocean from New Orleans to Los Angeles to celebrate his birthday with the man he loved. They’re close and have a great time despite not having any celebrations. Mom once snapped an image of him with his twin brother Neal.

Alongside being with his children, Dwayne Carter III also gets to spend time with his dad. In an interview, Dwayne’s father said that spending time with his children, helping them with their schoolwork, and putting them to bed when they go to bed is what he enjoys most about being a father.

All in all, Dwayne Carter III and his siblings might have different mothers. However, they share a close friendship and bond between them and their father.

Dwayne Carter III and His Music Career

Dwayne could or won’t be following in his father’s footsteps; however, he has a stage name: Lil Tune, and featured in one of his father’s music videos, “FL4M3$,” which will be released in 2020. The rapper rapped all through the song and was awed by the fans by his talents.

Apart from his musical talent, Dwayne Carter III also loves attending shows and meeting musicians such as Chris Brown, Lil Baby, Drake, and Jack Harlow. Because of his passion for music and his exposure to the music industry, no one is to say what the future has in store for Lil Tune.

Dwayne Carter III About His Mom

Carter’s mom, Sarah Vivian, is an experienced radio broadcaster. She was previously employed by notable radio stations such as Streetz 94.5, iHeartRadio, and Shade 45 Radio, owned by the legendary rapper Eminem.

There are currently two jobs she holds that are related to the radio station Sirius XM, and the one she is a director for a non-profit organization called The Love Project 404.

Vivian had a meeting with Lil Wayne while partying at the club in Cincinnati at the time of 2005. Before their encounter, the two were said to have met because she had been a big fan of the singer for some time.

The two then argued but kept their romance off the radar of public opinion. They dated for a while before becoming engaged in 2007.

In the wake of Vivian’s baby, an exuberant Lil Wayne took to the podium during the 2009 BET Hip-Hop Awards to announce to everyone that he was expecting a child but keeping the name of the mother who is believed to be the child a secret.

The couple ultimately ended their marriage. It is unknown whether their split occurred before or after their son’s birth.

Vivian is a very active and devoted mother to her kids. She shares a lot of gratitude to her children through her social media platforms, regularly sharing images of Carter and his twin sister with adorable captions for her Instagram page.

In one of her latest posts, she shared her joy and excitement in her daughter Essence, who recently graduated from high school with a remarkable cumulative grade, which has led to several scholarships from top colleges.

Dwayne’s Dad Lil Wayne’s Marital Life

The father of his son was married to Toya Johnson, his high school sweetheart, and he remained in contact with his mother, Dwayne. The parents of Carter were involved in numerous relationships before the divorce was completed in 2006.

Additionally, Sarah’s birthday is the reason for his parents’ first meeting. The encounter occurred at the Cincinnati club during a huge Lil Wayne show. Her mother, Cater, began to develop a strong love for Lil Wayne. They didn’t get married, though.

Sarah hasn’t talked much about her connection with Lil Wayne. 

And then, around the middle of 2009, Weezy Baby was spotted in the middle of 2009, and Weezy. The baby began dating Lauren London. But, their relationship did not last long. Lil was a lover of Trina and the singer Nivea simultaneously. Carter’s father is said to have dated Christina Milian in 2014. They announced their marriage in the middle of next year in 2015.

However, Nivea and The-Dream, the rapper Both of them, ex-girlfriends of Dwyane’s former girlfriend, were related to them and slammed their actions. Both the rapper and his former girlfriend Christina decided to break up towards the close of 2015.

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