Tesla’s Cybertruck Shipping Has Begun, and You Won’t Believe the Price Tag!

Cybertruck (CT) posts on social media have included images of camouflage CTs in motion, interior videos, and drone photos of the gigafactory in Austin.

  • With the much-awaited delivery event just around the corner this autumn, the production of Cybertruck has finally kicked off, and honestly
  • I couldn’t be more excited. The price tag? It’s not even on my radar because this groundbreaking vehicle is worth every penny.
  • The Cybertruck team has been keeping us engaged on social media with tantalizing images of camouflage CTs cruising on the roads, captivating interior videos that showcase its futuristic design, and breathtaking drone photos giving us a sneak peek into the state-of-the-art gigafactory in Austin.
  • It’s like they know exactly how to keep our anticipation levels sky-high!
  • When Elon Musk first introduced the Tesla pickup truck, he made sure to emphasize its affordability. With a starting price of $39,900
  • He aimed to capture the attention of blue-collar buyers who prioritize practicality over brand loyalty.

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Cost of the Cybertruck? Kelley Blue Book reports

Cost of the Cybertruck? Kelley Blue Book reports
PC Tesla

These potential customers may not necessarily be die-hard Tesla fans, but the idea of owning an electric pickup at an affordable price point could be enough to sway them towards making the switch. Musk’s focus on price reflects his understanding of the needs and preferences of everyday people, showcasing his human approach to innovation.

Price was initially one of Musk’s main talking points, and he claimed it would start at $39,900. That price point is crucial for potential blue-collar buyers, who are highly pragmatic and aren’t necessarily Tesla fans but may be persuaded to switch to an electric pickup if it’s affordable.

At the Annual Shareholder Meeting in May, Musk backtracked on this claim, saying, “It’s going to be hard to make [it] affordable because it is a new car, a new manufacturing method.”

That might indicate that a $39,900 Cybertruck (if such a thing was ever feasible) will meet the same fate as the $25,000 vehicle that Musk previously mentioned.

The initial Cybertruck price list from Tesla, released in 2019:

The initial Cybertruck price list from Tesla, released in 2019:
PC Twitter @klwtts

Range of 250+ miles from a single motor RWD, $39,000
Range-extending dual motor AWD costs $49,000.
Tri Motor AWD, $69,900, range of more than 500 miles
I questioned Kelley Blue Book senior editor Matt Degen about what he thinks the cost will be.

At this time, we anticipate that it will cost around $50,000. That would put it precisely in line with the Ford F-150 Lightning for the mass market, which starts at $49,995, he said in an email.

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