What is the bolt pattern on a Subaru 2023?

What is a bolt pattern? A bolt pattern is a measurement that describes the number and spacing of the lug bolts on a wheel.

It is important to choose the correct bolt pattern for your car, as otherwise the wheels will not fit properly.

How to find the bolt pattern for your car There are a few ways to find the bolt pattern for your car:

– Check your car's owner's manual. The bolt pattern is usually listed in the specifications section.

– Look at the wheels that are currently on your car. The bolt pattern is usually stamped on the inside of the wheel.

– Use an online bolt pattern lookup tool. There are a number of websites that offer free bolt pattern lookup tools.

Choosing the correct bolt pattern is important for safety reasons. If the wheels are not properly bolted on, they could come off while you are driving, which could lead to an accident.