What is the Horsepower of a Tesla Model 3

The horsepower of a Tesla Model 3 varies depending on the trim level and configuration. The Standard Range Model 3 has 272 horsepower

while the Long Range Model 3 has 358 horsepower. The Performance Model 3 has 450 horsepower.

Horsepower is a unit of power that measures how much work a machine can do in a certain amount of time.

In the context of cars, horsepower is used to measure the power of the engine.

How does horsepower affect a car's performance? Horsepower is one of the factors that affects a car's performance.

A car with more horsepower will accelerate faster and have a higher top speed than a car with less horsepower.

Which Tesla Model 3 has the most horsepower? The Tesla Model 3 Performance has the most horsepower, with 450 horsepower.