What size Battery in Tesla Model 3

The battery size has a direct impact on the Tesla Model 3's range. The longer the range, the more energy the battery can store.

The Standard Range Model 3 has a range of up to 272 miles, while the Long Range Model 3 has a range of up to 358 miles.

When choosing the right battery size for your Tesla Model 3, you should consider your driving needs.

If you have a short commute and don't need to travel long distances on a regular basis, the Standard Range battery may be sufficient for you.

– Longer range: A larger battery can store more energy, which gives the Tesla Model 3 a longer range. – Faster charging: A larger battery can also charge faster than a smaller battery.

The Tesla Model 3 comes with two different battery sizes: a Standard Range battery and a Long Range battery.

The Standard Range battery has a capacity of 50 kWh, while the Long Range battery has a capacity of 82 kWh.